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Dependable As a business owner, you need to be dependable if you want your staff to be dependable. If you're not dependable, you're not going to keep high level staff members. You need to be the example of...


Learner What does this mean? It means you're constantly growing your knowledge level, skill, areas of strength, your ability to understand your industry and your ability to run a business. What this means is...


Have you ever met certain people that they just don't have the second gear? They don't do anything faster than necessary? When you're starting a business, growing a business, there will be key periods where...


Manager What does that mean? Somebody within your group needs to be able to control the operations. Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, but there has to be somebody overseeing operations. There needs to be...


Rainmaker What is a rainmaker? A rainmaker is that one person who can bring in the big client, the one person that you trust to close the biggest deal or the one person that you know is constantly working...

Team Builder

Team Builder If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, it's hard to do it just by yourself; you have to build a team. I want you to think of being a team builder and what does it take to be a team builder?...

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